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Hamlin Creative. From video promos and campaign launches, to sizzle reels and online video content, we collaborate, strategize and creatively package a brand's message. For over 20 years, we've lead creative teams and created campaigns for brands including TLC, SPEED, FOX Sports, Outdoor Channel, Guinness, TBS, Sara Lee, FX, DIAGEO and more. We've delivered ratings successes and marketing wins with campaigns across a full range of platforms. 

Today, video is leading the rapidly changing landscape. Which is why it's never been a more exciting time for brands to connect with their audiences. Through online and social sharing, video is crucial in making that connection. By combining our experience, with our passion for video and understanding of online content and promotion, we have the unique ability to broadcast a brand's message. Our mission is to tell a story—through ideation, writing, producing and creating the very best video—every time.